Who am I?

So, you’re probably wondering who is behind this general mishmash of words. Sorry to be such a disappointment, but you won’t be finding that out anytime soon. Curiosity killed the cat, after all!

I’ve chosen to keep this blog anonymous, as to me, writing is an immensely personal experience, especially as I write about topics such as mental health, which are extremely close to home. This blog is a journey, an adventure, a series of scribbles in a diary, but most importantly, it is what you make of it. Would putting a name or a face to the words change your impressions? Would they enhance your enjoyment, or detract from the experience? I guess we’ll never find out.

Of course, it is entirely likely that I am simply hiding behind a screen out of fear that somebody I know could find this blog, but I’ll leave that one to you to figure out. If you want to find out more about why I’m here, have a read of my introduction.

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