I Survived First Year!

So, as the title suggests, I have some exciting news: I’VE PASSED ALL MY EXAMS! I’m officially done with my first year at university!

In fact, somehow, amazingly, I did better than just pass, getting As in all three of my exams – for once, I’m almost proud of myself! It’s been a really tough year, with two hospitalisations but nonetheless I’ve got through it thanks to the support of my friends, team and boyfriend. Oh yeah, I now have a boyfriend!

I’m definitely glad to see the back of this year, although next year only promises to be harder – that’s next year’s problem though. I’ll deal with it when it comes. Taking one day at a time has definitely helped me survive, in fact it’s my only real strategy, along with sleeping. But if it works, it works I guess. 

This was just a short update, one with the nitty gritty on my mental health shall surely follow. 

Love always,

E xx


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