Ever get that feeling where it feels like someone replaced your brain with fluff, or cotton wool, or simply took it out altogether and there’s just air and tumbleweed floating between your ears? Where it’s impossible to concentrate and it feels like an odd mixture of tiredness and confusion and words don’t really, y’know, words?

I don’t know whether my screen is too bright or too dim, but my eyes can’t focus on the words I’m typing out and instead are darting up and down, left and right like a (rather sluggish) rabbit in headlights. Everything is there, where it should be, it’s just that things don’t quite look right and real and vivid, like they’re not really there but they are.

I get this every now and again, where my focus takes a trip down the rabbit hole and I’m left confused and fuzzy, wondering how I can get it to return. These are the days I waste, procrastinating on my laptop or in front of the TV, not even following what’s playing, just inhaling and exhaling and being.

Is this normal? It sure sounds like crazy talk, but who knows? One thing that’s definitely true though is that it sure doesn’t help the growing list of Things I Really Should Do. But hey, maybe it’s good to zone out and give our brains a break every now and again. Mine just seems to do it of its own accord, inconveniently. Now, back to “work”…


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