Anorexia’s elephant in the room…


Let’s talk about (shrieks at the stereotype that all anorexic’s only eat lettuce)…BINGING!

Did you know that over 50% of diagnosed anorexics binge? Society associates anorexia with emaciated little girls scared of celery, and yes sometimes that’s the case, but the reality of anorexia is that it ravages your brain to the point where your relationship with food is so disfunctionalthat you can go from starving yourself to stuffing your malnourished body full of food, hating yourself more and more with every bite. This reality, is a symptom of anorexia and is just as mentally and physically dangerous as restriction.

As I said, over 50% of anorexia sufferers binge. And up until 8 months ago, I suffered regularly with periods of substantial binging followed by self induced vomiting.

Sounds glamorous…ughh! Binging nearly destroyed me. Mentally I lived in fear of listening to my body and nourishing it because as…

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