Flappy Bird Frolicking

Dear Reader,

I apologise for abandoning this little blog for so long – it seems that ideas often leave my mind as quickly as they entered, being thrown off my thousand-mile-an-hour train of thought as it swerves past abandoned projects towards distractionville. That and the fact that I have zero motivation to do anything productive, or anything at all for that matter.

So, Flappy Bird (if you are unfamiliar with the aforementioned game, I recommend you turn to the powers of google to inform yourself before continuing to read). After wasting a good half hour of a long car journey violently tapping my phone screen – I swear I did NOT just hit that tube!! – I came to two conclusions:

Conclusion number one: I have just wasted half an hour making a pixelated bird jump through gaps between pixelated tubes which could have been used for much more productive and enjoyable actives, such as sleeping or eating or exercising the grey lump that lies between my ears.

Conclusion number two: Maybe Flappy Bird isn’t actually as stupid as it seems – I mean, it’s kind of like life, right?

Allow me to expand a little on conclusion number two: the whole point of the game is simply to avoid all the obstacles, yet a momentary lapse in concentration sends the poor bird crashing down to the ground. It’s a simple concept really.

So how is this relevant to real life events? I don’t know about anything else, but for me all life has been so far is a series of obstacles, being made to jump through hoops because everyone has to – take this test, get this mark, study this subject, go to uni, get a job, do this, do that, achieve this, achieve that, follow all the rules and regulations and all these steps to have a Good and Worthwhile Life. Everyone, doing the same things because it’s what we have to do, it’s how the system works, us obediently following a predesigned path laid out for us, with all choices just being an illusion while they strip away all sense of control.

But what if we don’t want to follow that path? If we don’t want to jump through their hoops, or if we simply make a mistake and screw up? Well, my friends, just like the poor bird, we will crash and burn, a tiny mistake ruining the rest of our lives, causing us to fall from the path, the predetermined trajectory. We will forever be a Failure and Not Good Enough, because we didn’t meet their standards and jump trough their hoops. We will fall down into dust and darkness and ruin and it will be GAME OVER!!! GAME OVER!!! GAME OVER!!!

Our lives are valued solely on how many hoops we can jump through, how many boxes we tick, our High Score, the Top Mark. But not everyone can dodge the obstacles, sometimes there’s just too many and all the different directions are just too much too much too much and we fall fall fall and it’s game over all too soon. Whether it’s the first hurdle or the fiftieth, one mistake can still cost you everything. But maybe it doesn’t. Create your own path, don’t follow theirs.

Lots of love,
a friend


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